Biblical prophecy – what God tells us about end times

Spiritually Safe

God judge

There will be false Christs who deceive many (Matthew 24:5).

There will be wars (Matthew 24:6).

There will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes (Matthew 24:7).

Christians will be persecuted and killed (Matthew 24:9).

People will be deceived by false religion (Matthew 24:11).

Many Christians will fall away from their faith due to the evil they witness (Matthew 24:12).

There will be great evil in the world like in the wicked days of Noah (Matthew 24-37).

There will be indifference and ignorance of humankind (Matthew 24:38-39

Slumber will come over the Christian church (Matthew 25:5).

The Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world (Mark 13:10).

Family members will betray each other causing death (Mark 13:12).

There will be great immorality and uncleanness (Luke 17:28-30).

There will be signs in the sky (Luke 21:25).

Great fear will grip peoples’ minds (Luke 21:26).

Men will be self-centred, proud and blasphemers (2 Timothy…

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