Feeling Vulnerable

Did you know there are many types of coronaviruses, and yeah we all know that this one is called COVID-19. It feels like being in a survival movie except this is real.

The whole world has had to go into ‘Lockdown’ at some point of COVID-19, resulting in empty streets, parks, Public buildings are empty as is shops.

The pandemic is putting a strain on health systems with Europe being at the centre. Apart from the empty streets we seen empty shelves in supermarkets due to panic buying and churches and schools are closed.

Hospitals are full and jobs and businesses are at risk, People are fearing for their health and a host of other things.

Did you know Public health England estimates that on average 17000 people in England have died annually from Flu in the past 5yrs, yet COVID-19 scares us even more than this.

We have had pandemics in the past. One of the most famous has to be the ‘Black Death’ in the 14th century killing an estimated 70 – 100 million people. The most recent pandemic was HIV/AIDS has killed 32 million

So how do we respond

In times like this it wouldn’t be uncommon for people to flock to churches except they can’t under COVID-19 as churches are closed. It is however common for our national leaders to ask for prayer. I have also heard of church leaders asking for our prayers.

Many people are asking where is God, does he really exist an where or from whom can we get solace and help.