Say it…. Tuesday tussle❤❤

Soul talks

Poems and pleasure, literature and ledger. Some words work miracle when you say them. So say it to make it.

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Say it,
The barriers that block your mind,
To blossom the pinned soul,

Say it
The darkness that peeps into your sunshine,
To enlighten your life.

Say it,
Words that bother you,
To erase the glitch of your heart.
And paint it white.

Say it
I love you
To embosom the life around

Say it
I care you
To swaddle in human joy.

Say it
I miss you
For life’s uncertainty
That snips life uncalled.

Say it
Life is precious,
To the gift o God.


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Meeting on Hallowed Ground

Exodus 25 The Message

The Chest

10-15 “First let them make a Chest using acacia wood: make it three and three-quarters feet long and two and one-quarter feet wide and deep. Cover it with a veneer of pure gold inside and out and make a molding of gold all around it. Cast four gold rings and attach them to its four feet, two rings on one side and two rings on the other. Make poles from acacia wood and cover them with a veneer of gold and insert them into the rings on the sides of the Chest for carrying the Chest. The poles are to stay in the rings; they must not be removed.

16 “Place The Testimony that I give you in the Chest.

17 “Now make a lid of pure gold for the Chest, an Atonement-Cover, three and three-quarters feet long and two and one-quarter feet wide.

18-22 “Sculpt two winged angels out of hammered gold for either end of the Atonement-Cover, one angel at one end, one angel at the other. Make them of one piece with the Atonement-Cover. Make the angels with their wings spread, hovering over the Atonement-Cover, facing one another but looking down on it. Set the Atonement-Cover as a lid over the Chest and place in the Chest The Testimony that I will give you. I will meet you there at set times and speak with you from above the Atonement-Cover and from between the angel-figures that are on it, speaking the commands that I have for the Israelites.