Ten Minutes of Panic

Praying for Eyebrowz

Yesterday I was pretty sure my car had been stolen from the Target parking lot near the Florida State University campus. I’d gone into the store for one item, and as most Target runs go, I ended up buying a shopping cart full of stuff.

When I finally checked out to the tune of more money than I should have spent on a random Thursday and went to load my purchases into my little Chrysler 200 my car was nowhere to be found. I knew exactly where it was supposed to be, but clearly it had been stolen.

I wandered around the parking lot for a few minutes before remembering to hit the panic button on my key fob. In vain I listened for the annoying alarm sound. I turned this way and that to no avail.

My heart dropped into my stomach. As I returned my key to my…

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April Showers

I’m sure we’ve all used the term ‘April Showers’ at sometime in our lives

The month of April is beautiful to look upon, but if she hides her sweet face for a few hours behind those rainclouds it is only that she might appear again peeping out through the next burst of sunshinein a veil of fresh green.

While the groud needs rain to survive we shouldn’t really moan at the rotten weather in April (cos lets face it we all do it don’t we).

Why don’t we take the weather’s advice when we are run down and that is to retire for a while only to reappear refreshed, and renewed.