I Wish you Peace

Don't Lose Hope

Where the sun is setting, and silence fills the world, when you feel dog-tired and weary from the day, may you know that there is grace for everything you have to face.

May you experience inner peace as you let go of the stress. Of all that’s still unfinished. The pressures of the day. The questions still unanswered. The fear that is still there.

May you know that – for this night – you can put it all on hold. You can leave it all behind. Let the heaviness slip off.

Forget about the problems, the burdens that you bear. Forget about the heartaches, the worries and the cares.

Instead, you can just breathe. Let the silence fill your mind.

Let go of everything. Welcome sweet oblivion.

For no matter what’s occurred – it is gone; it’s in the past.

Tomorrow isn’t here. We don’t know what that will bring.

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First Sight

When was it that we first glimpsed God?

Was it in the red, wrinkled smallness

in the half light?

Or later in the strong feet

striding across the hills

which a few aeons ago he had called into being?

Or with a strange thrill

in the hand which reached out to touch some

and make it whole?

Or in a sudden contact

with those searching eyes,

Splitting men’s heart’s like pea pod’s to pour in?

Or was it yesterday

When in a moment of forgetfulness

we lost ourselves

and came across him

unexpectedly, everywhere?

A poem from the Lithurgy of Life Book

by Donald Hilton

I ask you to reflect back to the time you first glimpsed God