Greetings this Saturday

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening =) I am sitting here, on my bed, sipping my second cup of Cinnabon coffee. It’s pleasingly delightful!

I’ve lived to see this glorious day; for that, I am thankful. I’m blessed to have each of you, as a flower in my garden. For you, I am dearly thankful.

Where ever you are, I hope you will take a few moments to extend kindness. If not for another, for yourself. Your legacy isn’t in what you say or do, but in how got make others feel.

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Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🌺🌸🌼

Nova Namastè

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Marijuana has won…

Epilepsy Talk

It’s more than time. The jury is no longer out. States have been weighing in. And the answer has been a resounding : “Yes”.

It’s a massive shift that took place over just a few years.

A decade ago, no states allowed marijuana for recreational use; the first states to legalize cannabis in 2012, Colorado and Washington, did so through voter-driven initiatives.

Now, 17 states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana (although DC doesn’t yet allow sales), with five enacting their laws through legislatures, showing even typically cautious politicians are embracing the issue.

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BlogchatterA2Z, O for Ordinance, Ordinance of life.

Soul talks


26 Shades and 26 Strokes of An Artist ❤❤

Hear me more. Says your body. 
Your health can speak in many ways.
Disease is the annoy expressed by your body. Sometimes we ignore our body and mental health.

Today’s poetry form is Soliloquy.

A Soliloquy is a monologue in which a character speaks to himself or herself, expressing the inner feelings that the audience might not otherwise know. Soliloquy is not considered a poem, but witnessing them in most of the Shakespeare's plays can blend them into a poetry form. 

Soliloquy reveals the character of an individual. Popular soliloquy of Romeo Juliet play speaks her loud thoughts when she comes to know that Romeo, is the son of her family’s enemy.

At times every individual needs that liberty to speak his thoughts aloud. Feelings are vented out to unchain from the mental blockage.

A soliloquy or a monologue is…

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The time … he brought me flowers

Ellie the Crunch

I was just thinking “if he brings me flowers I will throw them at him” that I see some flowers on the dining table.

I ignored them hoping they weren’t for me.

Husband had stepped out and wasn’t home.

He comes home.

I was in the bedroom, so the bedroom is at the end of a long hallway directly in front of the stairs.

I was in the bedroom and I see husband coming up with flowers. I saw him walk through the entire hallway, almost looked like in slow motion like a movie.

He hands me the flowers telling me he doesn’t want to fight. I ask him so why does he? His answer was :”I need you on my side”

I was tearing up not because of his words but because I was reading something on Facebook before he came up but it looked like I was emotional…

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What teens really want to know about sex —

Survivors Blog Here

IDEAS.TED.COM Sep 26, 2014 / Al Vernacchio Remember how weird it was to ask questions about sex as a teenager? High school teacher Al Vernacchio answers his students’ questions about everything from DIY birth control to how to tell when a guy really likes you, in an excerpt from his new book. On the first day of […]

What teens really want to know about sex —

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Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

     The rain drenched the forage, for four days and three nights. The towering trees sprinkled droplets, as the storm brought in a cooler front. They were lushly leafy maple and buckeye trees. The ground tried hard to soak it up, as quickly as the rain fell,... but failed miserably. Surrounding the Tribe, patches of steep water threatened to cover passerby’s with mud. 

     Natalia peaked outside her small intimate teepee, longing to resume her exploration of the area. The wait has been torturous. 

—- Nova Namastè

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The time … I yelled back at him

Ellie the Crunch

So today was pre op testing for my toddler, he needs to have a procedure next week and he needed a physical and a covid test. Darn it, we were able to avoid these damn covid tests till now but this time I had no way around it.

Anyway, husband didn’t read the memo in my calendar invite and thought surgery was actually today so he was pretty annoyed when he learned it wasn’t. Plus these hospitals allow only 1 parent to go in with the child and that parent is me, no matter what he says. So he felt I was using him as a chauffeur although I called him and told him to come in as they allowed him to be in the waiting room with us.


When we came home he decided to work from home today (omg).

I started cooking for Shabbat (a huge list…

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The Master’s Love

One of the buzz words of the moment is ‘declutter’. You know your husband is really bored when
he goes into his office and starts having a clear out. Now he is enjoying retirement all the files and
folders in the office are obsolete. I pity the poor recycling men today as our blue bin was stuffed
full. I have had a bit of a clear out as well. All the baking and cooking equipment that ‘will come in
useful one day’ has now gone to better homes. The challenge now, is not to fill the filing cabinet
and kitchen cupboards with other things. This got me thinking, do you need to have a clear out of
things that are worrying you, things that are taking prominence in your mind, things that are holding
you back from a full relationship with God? Perhaps, I think he coming days, when you are not too
busy, you could take time to have a little declutter of your heart and mind. Give over to God the
things that are holding you back from fully serving him. Anger, feeling you have been hurt by
someone, annoyance, complaining, criticising. Know again a true, deep, uncluttered relationship
with Him again.

O the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free.
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me.

Ruth Malcolm