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How do you make up your mind about how to live with a mental illness?

  1. Receive an official diagnosis (Accept It)
  2. Research your feelings, emotions, and behaviors online (You Change)
  3. Ask your immediate circle about it (Look At The Situation Another Way)
  4. Keep it to yourself and hope for a better day (Do Nothing)
  5. Stop thinking about it and let it go (Leave The Situation)

Which option(s) did/have you chosen?

Really, just how well ARE they working out for you?

And, are you happy with the outcome of how you have chosen to live your life? If you aren’t, then it is because … You are complacent in the way things are because you BELIEVE you’ve tried everything, and you cope with that by hoping a clean slate and a fresh start is out there in the form of a next paycheck, the shrink-wrapped snack, the partner of your dreams…

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Apple Watch Workout

Praying for Eyebrowz

I’m not a fitness nut. For a brief time in my life I was, but stuff happened and I reverted back to just being a nut.

At the wonderful age of 64 I have few aches and pains. Both of my knees still work and if it weren’t for a frozen shoulder and some digestive issues I’d feel almost as good as I did at 16. I’m quite a bit fuller figured than I was then, but I’m okay with that. (Hoping I didn’t just jinx myself with all this talk of feeling good.)

Yesterday morning my Apple Watch challenged me to a 20-minute dance workout. I like to dance. No, I LOVE to dance. My morning routine usually includes dancing to at least one of the songs on my Amazon Echo playlist. Three to six minutes of cardio after which I shower and then sit down for a writing…

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