Remembering ❤️🤍💙

Don’t think I’m picking on you cos i’m not but yesterdays blog you indicated about lack of interest, I notice you have over 2000 followers – a lot more than me, I’m lucky if i get on average 20 views a days but heh we gotta keep our chins up!😄

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life


My special someone served in the US Marines. They hold a sweet & special place in my heart.


The kids and I are giving baskets to local Veterans. I made this to be included.

Stand because YOU CAN❤️🤍💙


I stand because they’re not home…


I stand because some have been laid to rest. They’ll not be able to stand, again.


I stand because I am privileged to live in this amazing country. I’m privileged to have my freedom! I’m blessed with choices that I can make for myself and my kids. I’m a citizen of a country where blood has fallen deep into it’s roots… because people had a dream… a vision. Men, Women, Service animals.. military, police, fire fighters…. there’s so many reasons to be grateful.

I humbly stand ❤️🤍💙


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