Chaotic Cancer: A Family Member’s View: Test Results

Me and My Mental Health Matters

This is my view of dealing with cancer as a family member of someone with cancer who has their own mental illness as well.

Recently mum had to go for a CT scan to check how the chemotherapy was effecting the cancer and whether it was making any difference. It was a difficult time for many reasons and effected the mental health of us all as a family.

With the scan coming round it made us all start to think of where things were heading. I know personally I started to wonder whether we were going to be told that it was all pointless and things were progressing faster and just incredibly negative. I also know my mum had these thoughts as she revealed this to me after we’d gone through the results.

We were lucky though. The chemo has shrunk the tumours on mum’s liver which is a good…

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Christ Like

1 Corinthians 11New International Version

11 Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

I do my best thinking whilst in the shower and just recently my thought was ‘How many of us are real practicing Christians?’ It doesn’t matter what Church you attend because you get them in every church, and I’m talking about the Christians that are nice to your face, sing the hymns read the bible message and listen to the preacher, but when they get home and out of their Sunday best their a different person. Christianity doesn’t stop the minute you get back from church on Sunday, no part of being a Christian is doing good deeds for others without wanting praise or a thanks for it. 

Christianity doesn’t stop the minute you get back from church on Sunday, it’s the little things we do each day, each week, that mark us out as living Godly lives. A Christian does good deeds for others without wanting praise or thanks for it.

Are you living a Christlike life? Are you showing that to your family, friends and neighbours? If not, then perhaps this is the time to do something about it. If you need to speak to someone my advice is aproach your minister/Pastor or a good friend That you can really trust or fellow Christian that will keep your conversation private.

As the ISS sing Christ in me, I ask you to listen to the words, especially verse three. ‘All my life wilt thou control, calmly ordering the whole, That the world may ever see Christ in me’. Once again if you are in need of help stop what your doing and pray, pray for help and guidance.