It’s Worth Hanging On!

Don't Lose Hope

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

This quote by the tennis player Arthur Ashe appears frequently on social media. It’s the kind of quote you might expect to see there.

It’s the kind of quote I’ve posted myself when life has been happy, or at least humdrum.

It’s the kind of quote that can give you a lift, and inspire you to try, and to go for your dreams.

But it’s not the right quote if you’re curled up in a ball, and you’re dealing with a trauma, and you think you’re going to die.

No! That’s not the kind of quote that you want to hear right now.

Then, one day you decide that your life must go on.

You are made of stronger stuff.

You are going to survive.

Yes, the pain’s unbearable, and you don’t know what to do. Yes…

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Rites of Passage

Hey Momma

RITES OF PASSAGE ‘Help’ she shrieked. ‘I’m still alive, don’t bury me here, I haven’t died’ The footsteps faded, no-one heard her screams, as she realised then: ‘This is what death means’ Jumping into the abyss of her doubts, and the petty things, she’d stress about. It felt scary, in the bottomless gorge, a turning point, that had to be explored. As the darkness dissolved, shining to light, the dawn of the day, brought new insights. She’d been running away from the fact, living for the ‘date’ had a greater impact. Knowing each day is numbered, was her clue, living life differently, was what she should do. Something ‘primal’ called to her and said” ‘Don’t be sad, there are runes to be read’ Drawing on the strength, of the ‘Uruz’ sign, invoked an unveiling of her heroine inside. A new initiation, with fresh rites of passage. There! a profound rebirth…

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