The choir.

at least i have a brain

THe Musical Director’s view.

❤️The Choral Director is both a position of privilege and responsibility.

The world we knew how to produce choirs in is gone. What was a compact sound bubble, a cocoon for each section in the choirs we all knew for all our lives is now not so. The silence and the isolation vocally were so genuine a struggle for every choir member the world over.

Thank God we have resumed singing again in a safe environment. At our rehearsals, Thank God all of our choir have survived the silence.

I feel that I watch a genuine evolution each week in Caritas from October 1st, we began to re-meet.

However tonight, in that room I sensed that it was the night to begin thinking about that wee bit of physical space between us, and how to fill it. I opened that topic and how the absence of…

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Finding Hope when you don’t Feel Hopeful

Don't Lose Hope

Sometimes you feel that you can’t face the battle. Sometimes you don’t feel courageous at all. Sometimes it all feels too much. Too overwhelming. Sometimes you feel that you just can’t go on.     

On days like this, when you’re fighting all the darkness, is there something you can do? Are there steps that you can take? It can often be helpful if you have ideas at hand – for you won’t have the energy to think at those bleak times. So here are some thoughts; a few things that you could try:

1. Acknowledge how you feel. Don’t try to sugar-coat it. You need to be authentic; you deserve to be authentic. Also, you can’t keep pretending, or keep faking how you feel. Eventually you’ll crack, and the feelings will seep through.

2. Work on developing a self-care routine. It will give you something to look forward to, and…

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