Should Christians participate in Halloween? — JESUS LOVES YOU (thedreamyactiveinertbrain)

What are you wearing for Halloween? You MUST wear the FULL- ARMOUR of GOD In this video, we will dig in and talk about Halloween. What is Halloween? How is it celebrated? Should Christians and even non-Christians partake in it?  Halloween is a practice originated from the west.  We already know that Halloween is an old practice wherein […]

Should Christians participate in Halloween? — JESUS LOVES YOU (thedreamyactiveinertbrain)

Is there Anyone out There who Really Understands?

Don't Lose Hope

At the heart of any real intimacy is a certain vulnerability. It is hard to trust someone with your vulnerability unless you can see in them a matching vulnerability, and know that you will not be judged.” – Rachel Remmen

This is one reason why we feel so alone when we’re living with trauma, or betrayal trauma.

We feel as if the world either pulls back from us … or exercises judgment … or tells us what to do (as it showers us with unhelpful and unwanted advice).

And none of these responses are compassionate responses.

This doesn’t help at all; we only feel misunderstood.

We just feel under pressure to “shut up” and “move on”.

It leaves us feeling worse; it slowly eats away at hope. There’s no-one there to listen so we bear it on our own.

We’ve lived with shock and…

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