What’s Really In Your Meds?

Epilepsy Talk

From MedPage Today — March 10, 2020. By Kristina Fiore, Director of Enterprise & Investigative Reporting.

“As Americans become more concerned about quality issues with prescription medications made abroad, one company is trying to offer an additional layer of reassurance — by doing chemical analysis before dispensing drugs to patients.

Valisure launched just over a year ago, positioning itself as a pharmacy, a lab, and a wholesaler. Now licensed in 38 states and with a staff of 25 in Yale University’s Science Park in New Haven, Connecticut, Valisure analyzes some 2,000 drug products — mostly generics, but also some brands — to introduce an additional level of quality control into the system.

‘We thought, wouldn’t it be great to have chemical analysis at the end of the supply chain, here in the U.S. where it matters the most, when patients are going to get the drug,’ Valisure Founder and CEO…

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Should Christians participate in Halloween? — JESUS LOVES YOU (thedreamyactiveinertbrain)

What are you wearing for Halloween? You MUST wear the FULL- ARMOUR of GOD In this video, we will dig in and talk about Halloween. What is Halloween? How is it celebrated? Should Christians and even non-Christians partake in it?  Halloween is a practice originated from the west.  We already know that Halloween is an old practice wherein […]

Should Christians participate in Halloween? — JESUS LOVES YOU (thedreamyactiveinertbrain)

Is there Anyone out There who Really Understands?

Don't Lose Hope

At the heart of any real intimacy is a certain vulnerability. It is hard to trust someone with your vulnerability unless you can see in them a matching vulnerability, and know that you will not be judged.” – Rachel Remmen

This is one reason why we feel so alone when we’re living with trauma, or betrayal trauma.

We feel as if the world either pulls back from us … or exercises judgment … or tells us what to do (as it showers us with unhelpful and unwanted advice).

And none of these responses are compassionate responses.

This doesn’t help at all; we only feel misunderstood.

We just feel under pressure to “shut up” and “move on”.

It leaves us feeling worse; it slowly eats away at hope. There’s no-one there to listen so we bear it on our own.

We’ve lived with shock and…

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