What are Traumatic Memories?

Don't Lose Hope

Our most powerful memories have associated feelings. Sometimes these are positive, and sometimes negative. Traumatic memories are often very painful, intense, overwhelming, and usually negative.

What else do we know about traumatic memories, and how are they different from more ordinary ones? In summary:

1. These memories are carved deeply into the person’s brain. Thus, they leave frozen imprints which do not get updated. This is very different from our non-traumatic memories which are fluid and dynamic, and tend to change with time

3. Traumatic memories are resistant to new evidence. This is true even when the individual can agree with the new information being presented to them.

Although it logically makes sense, it still cannot overpower and change the old, entrenched reactions and beliefs. The reason is these deeply ingrained memories are believed, and the brain is trying to protect us from real harm.

4. That is, the body…

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AUDIO: The Least Likely Show Up

Hi Brandy, once again I love the audio and I can say I been there & done it(organised as I am)! Oh love the photo as well. Now and again everything can go ‘Bum’s up’! as they say. 😂

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

The Least Likely Show Up.mp3

The reason isn’t always clear, at first. If you remain patient, you’ll see.. just as I have tonight. May this bless you and greet you with love & compassion.

Thank you for being on this wild life journey with me!

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With Love & Light


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