The Pain Reliever

Object Relations


Will relieve pain. All pain.

Heartbreak from immature brat who found someone better. Bruised pride from begging Jayson to cover her rent. Soreness from best friend who ‘could’t’ let me crash with him. Twisted arm from agreeing to live with other friend in roach infested apartment. Throbbing headache from hearing her complain about vintage Beastie Boys CDs that are not played too loudly. Burned by the desire we share every Tuesday in the laundry room. Burned because she’s friends with the brat who found someone better. A pain in the neck from explaining she’s not really a brat. Stiffed on the rent money when she, too, moves out.

Headache gone.

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Purple Is The Color Of… 

Epilepsy Talk

In honor ofEpilepsy Awareness Month,I’ve started a list of“all things purple”.

What are some purple things you can think of?

Epilepsy Awareness
Grape Juice
Last color of the rainbow
Purple Heart of Honor Medal

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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health In A Digital World —

Survivors Blog Here Mental Health Collaborative

In an age where everyone is constantly connected, and false pretenses are the norm, it can be hard to stay positive about life and yourself. Many teens have attested how social media has made them feel more insecure about how they look. This may be because filters and editing tools can make a person look […]

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health In A Digital World —

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To Do Justice

Hey Momma

Image: Stacie. Martin


That moment when you read your cards

and you don’t like what they say

so you keep shuffling

and you keep getting the same card…


Okay I got it!



In Numerology the Tarot Card representing November is: 

(Key 11) ~ JUSTICE

Meaning: Fairness. Truth. Teaching and guidance. Balance through justice.

Law of cause and effect. Karma.



The message at the heart of the ‘Justice’ card is ‘self understanding’ Take responsibility for how you live your own life. weigh up the pros and cons and act with integrity. You control your own destiny and are responsible for your own actions. Let others focus on their own lessons.



All things being equal, take a step back and look at the big picture. There is a link between good sense and recognising the errors of…

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My Child

My child, I see your weakness

My child, I see your pain

And yes, I understand it

The trials in which you strain

I see your heart within you

Your love for Me, I see

My child, you are most prescious

And beautiful to Me

Beyond the flesh of failure

Beyond the body’s strife

My Spirit now transforms you

You’re held within my Life

So when you’re poor in spirit

And mourn for grief and sin

My child, I Am most near to you

My heart with yours, within

By Lisa Lawlor

When I look at the lyrics Lisa penned I am reminded especially by the last verse of the Charles Wesley hymn Gentle Jesus meek and mild