The Waiting Room

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

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Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

What’s meant for you will NEVER go to someone else. Would you sit with that for a few minutes?

Repeat it. Over and over and over, reminding yourself that what’s meant for you, will come to you.

Being patient and present, while your process unfolds, will teach you about yourself, parts of life you’ve missed, and maybe other parts that need corrected. In order for you to receive what’s meant for you, maybe the waiting room is calling you to sit. Listen. Cry. Sleep. Forgive. Let Go.. all the things you must do to fully receive what is yours.

God waits. We…

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Truths You Need to Admit to Yourself in the Aftermath of Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

“I have a gaping, bleeding hole in my soul.”  

1. What happened to you mattered. It really, really mattered.

2. It wasn’t your fault, and you didn’t ask for it. This is one situation where you truly are a victim.

3. You’re no longer the person you used to be. You’re a shell of the person you used to be. You’re profoundly changed; you hardly recognize yourself.

4. This has turned your life completely upside down … So you don’t know what to believe anymore … And you don’t know who to believe anymore … And you’re afraid to trust … And you’re afraid to hope … And you’re afraid to believe that things will work out for you

5. You can’t relax and enjoy your life as you don’t know when the other shoe is going to drop. At any time of day, and on any random…

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The Ebb & Flow

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Autumn seems to have settled breathlessly on the northern part of the United States. These past few weeks, the luscious colors of burgundy, yellow, red, and orange popped from what was once green foliage. We have had days of rain, and overcast clouds. The season failed not to include all it’s wanderlust magic.

Now that we’re inching closer to December, the roads carry the burden of fallen leaves. The trees grow bare; and, the temperatures continue to drop. Time has arrived in Holiday Season.

Halloween is so exciting for most little kids. I have to say, it’s a favorite for many adults, too. Maybe it’s the scare or endless sugar rush that tickles our fancy. Maybe it’s the dressing up, being someone else for a few hours. It could be the excitement of seeing the neighborhood kids, dressed as their favorite characters.

There’s so much I love about change. There’s…

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