‘Forget me not, Hear’

Hey Momma

Image: Keeper of the Diamond Light Codes

(¯`♡´¯) (¯`♡´¯)

'A thought is an idea in transit’ ~ Pythagoras He blurted out, ‘I imagined that you were dead’ she gave ‘that’ look and shook her head. Her blurred figure of purple haze, transcended from the void of cave. A ray of violet and amethyst glow, aeons of time to remember, You know. There is a sound only some can see, a vibration of peace and purpality. It is in the ambiance of her colour, chords of illumination to each other. Listening ear and eye to inner sound, as spiritual octaves, waved around. It’s a sense of calm, joy and harmony, a lilac, ‘forget me knot’ of creativity. She, the mystical, powerful part of self, dispelling all illusions and fears of hell. Listen to her sounds in the distance; her calling is yearning and persistent. Wha, wait, wait…

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Some Thoughts on Suffering

Don't Lose Hope

1. Suffering is universal. It is something we can’t avoid, or completely hide from. It is a fact of life that all of us are going to have to deal with a certain amount of disappointment, failure, loss and grief.

2. We do not suffer equally. There are people who seem to be dealt a much worse hand than others. These are the people who experience one major trauma after another major trauma … or who witness terrible atrocities … or who are hit by serious illnesses – which have a devastating impact, and a terrible prognosis.

3. When we suffer so intensely, we need a place of refuge. Suffering on this level cannot be borne alone.

4. Because suffering is universal, we might expect that other people would be there for us. We might expect them to be kind, understanding, and to respond with sensitivity and empathy.

But all…

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