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Image: Vincent van Gogh ~ Artist unknown.

“This is where I come from, this is where I am now, and here is my universe’ ~ Tralbaut (2) 


The Colourful Life and Death of Mr Van Gogh.



An analysis of van Gogh’s epilepsy and emotionality must not obscure the fact that this great artist also had great strengths (4).



Neurologist, Dr David Bear had seen Van Gogh’s art as ‘Reflecting philosophical and spiritual questing’


Van Gogh was born with a brain lesion’ and had a genetic predisposition to epilepsy and suffered from seizures which doctors, including Dr. Felix Rey and Dr. Peyron, believed to be caused by temporal lobe epilepsy.

‘In general, people with epileptic activity in the left hemisphere write and people with right brain epileptic activity engage in the visual arts, such as drawing, painting…

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Stars, in Mind

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Image: The Hobbit Hole at Arch Inn ~ Artist unknown


STARS IN MIND  Rich lapis blues and sunbeam golds, rivers of universe, curling in scrolls. Whirlpools of passions immersed, celestial air curves, harmonic swirls. A cosmic orchestra of mystical lights, eddy’s and swirls of colourful delights. Aligned within creation of human origin, looking out, a fusion, as infinity within. Circles, rings, immersed in white codes, amongst greens, violets, pink and golds. Melding of all polarities, returning to one, the seeing senses, to be reflected upon. More alive and multicoloured than sky, wanting to share what he saw with eyes. Having the world of time in his hands, pondering impressions of French lands. There were great movements at work, currents of dashed air, he could twerk. Brushes and easel tucked under arm, he had that kind of other worldly charm. His face was gaunt, elongated and slim, focused…

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