What Really Matters in Life?

Don't Lose Hope

Trauma causes us to question our beliefs. Now there’s sand beneath our feet, not the solid ground we thought. When this happens in our life, we can feel destabilized. Everything’s been stripped away, nothing’s certain any more.

It’s at desperate times like these when the scales fall from our eyes … that we learn important truths … that we see what matters most.

These include:

1. At the end of the day there isn’t much that really matters: but those few basic things really matter a lot.

2. How we treat other people, and how they treat us, is what really matter the most.

3. Life itself is a blessing and gift.

4. There are always a few things that renew our sense of hope. Even if it’s as simple as a beautiful sunset.

5. There are sparks of hidden beauty all over the place. And often these show up…

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