The Vision of January 2022

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January Vision


In Numerology, January represents ‘One”

Meaning: Original Independent.


Be full of yourself!


What have you been wanting to do for a long time?

You are likely to make new starts in all manner of respects. Almost any movement will be better than none.


January 2022 brings the Gift of Vision.


Turn your can’t into cans and your dreams into plans


This may be in your career, education, relationships or home life. These energies demand that you show your independence and originality. There are no limits. This is not the time to be thinking too much about what other people expect from you.

A good way to start, is have a massive clear out. 

Have the courage and drive to to go ahead in new fields of expression and be a pioneer. You should go forwards, never turn back.



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#Weekend Music Share *One by U2 & Mary J Blige *My Fav —

Survivors Blog Here

I’m so glad you’ve joined me this week for another edition of Weekend Music Share. We have one life, we have to do what we should. One life…….we get to carry each other.     Welcome back to Weekend Music Share; the place where everyone can share their favorite music. Feel free to […]

#Weekend Music Share *One by U2 & Mary J Blige *My Fav —

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Wishing You a Calm, Happy and Well New Year

Jaime Stenning - a life uncut

I’m not one for making resolutions. I think most will be broken by mid-January. Instead, I take a pause to think about my life, my health and then wish myself well for the coming year.

There is unfortunately no magic pill or silver bullet to fix your mental health. It takes a combination of hard work, motivation and patience to get yourself well and even then things can still go wrong. I’ve learnt this year that even when I’ve been more well than I have been in years, my illness can creep back in at any moment and take me by surprise.

Don’t beat yourself up for being unwell. It’s not your fault. Try hard to get yourself back on track and know that this too shall pass.

For those spending New Years alone… grab your pjs, a box of chocolates or something yummy. Put your favourite feel good movie…

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Year in review. Hope in trial.

Though the battles, have been rough,

Our eyes they see, our eyes look up!

The glinting on horizon stands,

Our faith to see, unfolding plans.

No matter what we must endure,

Our hope in trial, is destined sure;

Amoung the crash catastrophe,

God’s Hand of work, we clearly see!

The prophet’s eye, zoom far to see,’

Cross centuries, God’s tapestry!

Each moment, details very small,

Was in His plan, was at His call.

The insignificant, was grand!

The harvest mighty in His plan!

The ordinary plain to see,

Holds wonders in eternity!

But oh! The sacrificial love!

The greatest plan, of heaven above!

With buff and heat and pain below,

So love of huge proportions grows!

The gem our God creates right here,

Exceptional in beauty dear,

Is clothed in rags, and pain, and tears,

Yet inward shines increasing clear!

So lift your eyes, above bleak doubt,

And in His mighty love, now shout!

He’ll finish what began in you,

A perfect work, of love that’s true.

By Lisa Lawlor

Even In Darkness, There Is Light and In Death, There Is Rebirth

Classroom Mothership Earth

Artwork by Barbara Merlotti

Growing up, Mother’s depression was a suffocating and

crippling darkness that shrouded over me like a dark cloud.

She reflected on her experiences with depression by describing them

like storms that took her over like demonic possession.

I remember when Mother described how terrifying it was for her

when she crossed into the realm of psychosis,

and lost perspective on how to differentiate between reality testing of madness and lucidity.

This was a woman who would voluntarily check herself into

a psychiatric hospitalization and then break herself out.

But I can appreciate being stupid like a fox or a con artist conning himself.

Been there, done that.

Looking back, seeing Mother’s Higher Self being dominated by her lower self

was enough to drive me nuts.

As much as it was hard for her to breathe,

it was hard for those of us around her to breathe…

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Throwback Thursday: Reblog

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

2018 ~ I should have listened ~

Taken from Promptuarium

I should have listened to my friends,

When they said, “That’s not a good idea.”

I should have listened when they said,

“It’s getting really late.”

I should have listened to my friends,

When they said, ” He’s just playing you.

Making you his hourly rate.”

I should have listened to my friends,

When I walked into that house,

When he handed me that cup.

I should have listened to my friends,

Instead of fuckin up.

My friends didn’t know I went,

My friends didn’t pour me that drink,

My friends didn’t see the pop “drop”,

Couldn’t carry me when I couldn’t think.

You see,

If I listened to my friends,

I would’ve stayed home, safe,

I would’ve remembered that night,

Instead of questioning rape.

If I listened to my friends,

I wouldn’t wake up


Terrified, Living

fight or…

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