New! A breakthrough in non invasive brain surgery

Epilepsy Talk

Called PING…

This is exciting stuff. In fact, I just read about it now.

It was written about in Science Daily, just yesterday…and in Neuroscience News, six days ago.

Basically, it’s a form of neurosurgery called PING. (Don’t you just love it?) And it uses microbubbles to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and deliver neurotoxins targeted at the problematic brain area.

In a noninvasive can way, Doctors can treat debilitating neurological diseases by removing faulty brain circuits, without the need for conventional brain surgery.

Diseased brain cells are removed without a scalpel, using low-intensity focused ultrasound waves combined with microbubbles to briefly penetrate the brain’s natural defenses and allow the targeted delivery of a neurotoxin.

This neurotoxin kills the culprit brain cells while sparing other healthy cells and preserving the surrounding brain architecture.

“This unique approach eliminates the diseased brain cells, spares adjacent healthy cells and achieves these outcomes without even…

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How many close friends do most people have? The answer is … —

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IDEAS.TED.COM Dec 2, 2021 Going through a global pandemic has brought us together in some ways, but it’s also separated many of us from our routine interactions with friends and acquaintances. And in doing so, it’s led us to look at our relationships and reflect on the ones we’d like to add to our lives […]

How many close friends do most people have? The answer is … —

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Blogmas Day 4 🎄⛪🎄

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

If you’re feeling meh about get togethers, or your family is so far away… Maybe your friends are more like family; and, ya’ll can’t afford to travel ( my case!)… Here’s an inexpensive yet successful way to make Christmas memories. HOST A VIRTUAL CHRISTMASPARTY

App suggestions: these have requirements regarding set up and participants. I’d suggest researching which is best for you, first.

  • Zoom
  • Facebook Messenger
  • What’s App
  • Houseparty

🎁Virtual Christmas: 10 Ideas for an Entertaining Christmas Party

1. : Websites, such as Elfster or White Elephant Online, provides the information and avenues you’d need to effortlessly organize one for your event.

2. : Separate the participants into groups. Have each group use the Canva Templates to create a masterpiece:)

3. : This is very simple. Simple play a song via phone/tv/Spotify/Youtube and enjoy!

4. : This idea excites me! Without leaving your home, your group can…

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Things that Set you Back when You’ve been Betrayed

Don't Lose Hope

Things that set you back when you’ve been betrayed include:

1. Keeping your feelings to yourself. The impact of a trauma is so deep and so profound, and the feelings it evokes are so extreme and so intense, that they need to have an outlet, or you’ll go insane! They need to be expressed when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

2. Keeping what happened to yourself: There are some things in this life we want to keep to ourselves. And we also have the right to keep those things to ourselves. We don’t need other people to attack or put us down, and we don’t need their opinions, or their unwelcome advice.

Nevertheless, you need to find a person you can tell your story to; someone who’s understanding, and who truly cares for you.    

3. Not being able to find out the whole truth: You have a right to know…

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The Ghost Whisperer

Hey Momma

Image: *Ghosts roam the halls at the Kings Arms Hotel in Lancaster*

“It is required of every man’ the ghost returned, 
‘That the spirit within him, should walk abroad among his fellow man and travel far and wide and if the spirit goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death’ 
~ Charles DickensTHE GHOST WHISPERER  With magical quill, he spelled dreams, in a dark world, as bleak as it seemed. In black and sodden, cobbled streets, raggedy children, shuffled on bare feet. The smells of neglect and overcrowding, shadows flicker, loomed, overpowering. Polluted with poverty, grunge and grime, the hungry gaze of dull, feverish eyes. Gusts of wind, rattled on broken panes, swiping smoke off braziers, fiery flames. In the smut of Victoria's, industrial era, many, lived in poverty, scarcity and fear. The derelict, invisible, trapped bones, in desolation, the homeless all…

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