Blogmas Day 4 🎄⛪🎄

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

If you’re feeling meh about get togethers, or your family is so far away… Maybe your friends are more like family; and, ya’ll can’t afford to travel ( my case!)… Here’s an inexpensive yet successful way to make Christmas memories. HOST A VIRTUAL CHRISTMASPARTY

App suggestions: these have requirements regarding set up and participants. I’d suggest researching which is best for you, first.

  • Zoom
  • Facebook Messenger
  • What’s App
  • Houseparty

🎁Virtual Christmas: 10 Ideas for an Entertaining Christmas Party

1. : Websites, such as Elfster or White Elephant Online, provides the information and avenues you’d need to effortlessly organize one for your event.

2. : Separate the participants into groups. Have each group use the Canva Templates to create a masterpiece:)

3. : This is very simple. Simple play a song via phone/tv/Spotify/Youtube and enjoy!

4. : This idea excites me! Without leaving your home, your group can…

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