Feel-Good Friday

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Just Dance 💃🪩🕺

Alignment is a vibration, a movement of energy that feels at once grounded, centered, and enlightened and propels you gracefully forward toward what feels good and meant for you.

Kris Franken,The Call of Intuition: How to Recognize & Honor Your Intuition, Instinct & Insight

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Thankful Thursday

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Today’s intention is feel grateful.. to be thankful.

Sounds easy enough? Yes?!

Let me stretch you outside your comfort zone.

Be thankful for ALL things.

But, B… my ex treated me like a doormat.. My son was diagnosed with cancer.. My job just filled bankruptcy and laid me off. There’s a gas shortage in my village. The virus killed my relative. This drought is creating a strain in our food supply. I have to walk to work, in the rain. My feet are bruised and damaged from walking.

Everything is temporary. Every experience teaches. Everyone goes through hardship. Every day, someone has life more difficult than you.

Be thankful for all that is funny, bright, warm, fuzzy, innocent, new, light, and kind. These are marvelous gifts in our lives.

Be thankful for the uncomfortable, confusing, challenging, dark, rainy, sharp, annoying, mundane, heavy, frustrating, and ugly stuff, too. These are the…

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Fruitful to the End

Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

Psalm 92:12–15

Although Lenore Dunlop was ninety-four years young, her mind was sharp, her smile was bright, and her contagious love for Jesus was felt by many. It wasn’t uncommon to find her in the company of the youth of our church; her presence and participation were sources of joy and encouragement. Lenore’s life was so vibrant that her death caught us off guard. Like a powerful runner, she sprinted across life’s finish line. Her energy and zeal were such that, just days before her death, she completed a sixteen-week course that focused on taking the message of Jesus to the peoples of the world.

The fruitful, God-honoring life of Lenore illustrates what’s seen in Psalm 92:12–15. This psalm describes the budding, blossoming, and fruit-bearing of those whose lives are rooted in a right relationship with God (vv. 12–13). The two trees pictured were valued for their fruit and wood, respectively; with these the psalmist captures a sense of vitality, prosperity, and usefulness. When we see in our lives the budding and blossoming fruit of loving, sharing, helping, and leading others to Christ, we should rejoice.

Even for those who may be labelled “senior” or “seasoned,” it’s never too late to take root and bear fruit. Lenore’s life was deeply rooted in God through Jesus and testifies to this and to God’s goodness (v. 15). Ours can too.