Blogger Highlight-My Traumatic Secrets and Healing Journey —

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April is Sexual Assualt Awareness month and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to introduce you to a very brave woman and mother, Christine. Keep your eyes peeled for a new Blogger Highlight next week. My Trauma Secrets and Healing Journey Telling my story while on my healing journey Overactive brain […]

Blogger Highlight-My Traumatic Secrets and Healing Journey —

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Gratitude is the Attitude

Epilepsy Talk

A wise woman once told me:

“When you wake up in the morning — before you get out of bed — think of 5 (or 10!) things that you’re reallygrateful for.”

(I think 10 is a bit of a stretch.)

That simple advice, changed my attitude. And my life.

We have so much to be grateful for, especially me:

1. For yoursupport, strength and caring…

2. Yoursmart, sensitive advice…

3. Thecompassion you share so generously…

4. All of your kind, wiseencouragement…

5. Your never-ending love and dedication…

You are MY godsend…today, tomorrow and always.

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Easter Monday

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The Bible makes no mention of Easter or Easter Monday. There is no requirement as a church to celebrate it, but there is prohibition either.

Easter Monday as we know is the day after Christ’s resurrection where he said for 40 days appearing to believers and giving ministry. He also healed the sick and proved to doubter’s he was the son of God.

Easter Monday, also called Bright Monday or Renewal Monday, is the beginning of Bright Week. It is common to douse people in water, representing the new life of baptism, and play games with Easter eggs. Such as Easter egg hunt or rolling your a hard boiled egg down a hill (which represents the stone being rolled away).