Just an average Friday

Dear Sister

It’s only 9:45 AM- what will the day hold?

I forced myself to get out of bed at 7:30 this morning. I have standing plans with Sara O. to go to a local park that is wooded with trails, right here in the middle of our town. It is nice. It is like being out of town — out in the mountains or something. Anyway, our commitment last week was to make it a regular occurrence on Friday mornings: to meet at church and drive over together at 8am.

I thought I better call her first before heading out. Good thing. She didn’t realize it was already Friday and, although up and mulling around her house, she was not dressed and ready to go yet. But we made it.

It is so nice to walk the trails. Most are paved, and some are gravel. There are little bridges to cross…

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