The one pence coin

The one pence coin, often discarded, or ignored. But look closer.

At the top is the cross to remind you about the sacrifice of Jesus death.

Underneath is the crown to represent that he is the King after rising again.

The gate represents sin, the barrier that keeps us from God

Then the chains which keep us in bondage to sin, which Jesus has broken so that we may go free

The coin is round to represent the whole world which he loves

And the 1 at the bottom is the number of ways to God.

3 thoughts on “The one pence coin

  1. Emilly Kadondi🥀 Jul 13, 2021 / 8:19 pm

    This is beautiful. Though I’m kinda curious, is it what they had in mind while making the coin? Doesn’t actually matter if it isn’t but it would surely be extra amazing

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    • Kenneth Jul 14, 2021 / 12:51 am

      Thanks for the comment Emily 😌. The coin is a UK coin, it has Queen Elizabeth ll on the face and as you may know she has a few castles the main one being Windsor castle.


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