God’s Peace

A Christian Thought for Today

God’s Peace for uncertain times.
1. Know in whose hands your future lies.
2. Remember that God commands us not to worry.
3. Though we may be separated from our loved ones recall that nothing can separate us from God.
4. God’s peace is there for the asking, ask away.
5. Know that God has placed us in families and given us the gift of friends. Ask and they will be happy to help you.
6. Kingdoms rise and fall, viruses come and go but God reigns over all forevermore. Place your trust, not in the actions of governments (though do heed their advice) but in God Almighty the maker of heaven and earth.
7. God will never leave us or forsake us. Are you lonely, talk to Him. Are you scared, reach out and receive His comfort. Are you concerned, then pray.
8. Focus your eyes, not on your…

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