I am…a Prayer — Who I am in Jesus

Today let us realize that we were made to pray. Jesus assumes that we would be praying to our father and be heard. We do not deserve to have a voice before a holy God. Our sin should keep us far. However, because of the love of Christ this is only possible. Jesus died and gave us right standing with God. Now we are given the right to seek God and ask in the name of Jesus for that which our heart desires. Let us not neglect that calling!

I am…a Prayer — Who I am in Jesus

Covid-19 UK Lockdown week 1

It’s been about ten days since we in the UK went into lockdown.

By Monday I was getting pretty bored and found myself playing candy crush on Facebook.

On the plus side I have been able to do some video calls on Facebook, so much so I was on video chat for two and a half hours

You may or may not believe it but it also gave me the chance to file and tidy up my paper work.

I have to say I was still able to get my daily blogs out and go about my usual duties during the week.

I live in a street in a housing scheme where there is usually children running around, it seems strange not seeing them around, hardly anyone in the street,

It feels really weird! One good thing is that it Covid-19 has got people talking to people they wouldn’t normally talk to.

Another – very different and very much better! – 666 — Learning From God’s Word

Revelation 13:18 tells us that “the number of the beast is 666.” The Word of God contains another – very different and very much better! – 666. It’s Psalm 66:6 – “God turned the sea into dry land, they passed through the waters on foot – come, let us rejoice in him.” How good it is to […]

Another – very different and very much better! – 666 — Learning From God’s Word