Covid-19 Lockdown 11

Photo by Gustavo Fring on

First of all I’d like to apologise for being a little late with this Lockdown issue.

You see it’s all down to Nicola Sturgeon who in case you didn’t know is the first minister for Scotland. On Friday past she eased the lockdown situation here in Scotland so that upto eight family members could meet outside, still social distancing.

As the weather has been brilliant here (sun splitting the trees) so to speak, well there was no stopping us visiting our family who also live in the same town.

There was also an ease on a couple of sports, Golf, Outdoor tennis and Fishing.

I hate to add although the above are the official guidelines, with the weather being the way it is some people were breaking the guidelines by going to the beach etc.

So the easing of the lockdown has begun in Scotland has begun and what will be the next step for Scotland.

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