La Espãnol Moraleja

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Spanish Lessons! Over & over, year after year, I’ve tried to disciplined myself to learn more.

I’ve not been successful…

Until this year!

Although my “long streak” has been broken, my learning has continued.

I’m always a student, trying to better myself.

🥩🍏Some of my favorite words👍🏼👩🏼‍💻


¿estoy equivacado?

el hambre

tengo sueño

¿estás cansado?

la razón

la comida

la fruta

la pasta




Am I wrong?

the hunger

I’m sleepy

are you tired? (informal)

the reason

the food

the fruit

the pasta



Have you learned something new lately? Would you mind sharing? I truly admire those who are constantly seeking new knowledge. We have a significant amount of more opportunities as we grow.

Until next time

Stay Safe, Speak Life, Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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