In Sickness (2015)

Mental Health Matters


In Sickness is a 2015 drama, thriller film by director Julius B. Kelly.


After you take your vows, what happens when the future is nothing like what you envisioned? As a man spirals deeper and deeper into his mental illness, his young wife is forced to question whether love really is enough.


  • Lukas Hassel … Andrew Madera.
  • Nicole Vogt-Lowell … Kendall Madera.
  • Sal Rendino … Dr. Poslow.
  • Vincent Ticali … Father / Angel Madera.
  • Jim Thalman … Rob.
  • Joy Shatz … Michelle.
  • Judy San Roman … Hailey Denton.
  • John J Thomassen … Anthony Denton.
  • Christopher Gucciardo … Jack Milbourne.
  • Brian Alevis … Waiter.
  • Jeanie Starr … Babs / Bartender.
  • Joseph Cipollino … young Andrew.
  • Donna Taliaferro … Masi.
  • Fred Wallenmaier … Dr. Wallenmaier.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Julius B. Kelly.
  • Producer(s):
    • Brian Alevis … associate producer.
    • Christopher Gucciardo … producer.
    • Lukas Hassel … producer.
    • Ken Kushner…

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