Men of the Bible

From The Darkness Into The Light

Duration: 365 days


His name means:“He Grasps the Heel” (Figuratively, “He Deceives”)

His work:As an indentured servant of his Uncle Laban for fourteen years, Jacob was a herdsman.
His character:With a mother who encouraged it, Jacob learned the art of cunning and deception. In stealing the paternal blessing from his older brother, Jacob was forced to run, experiencing the consequences of his behavior.
His sorrow:After seven years of hard labor as payment for Rachel, Jacob was deceived by her father, Laban, and was forced to work seven more. During these years he learned firsthand what his own deception had brought on his brother. Later in his life he thought he had lost his son Joseph to an attack by a wild animal.
His triumph:One of the greatest moments in Jacob’s life happened when he was reconciled to his brother, Esau. At the end of…

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