Stunted Pt. 3 The End of Rambling

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Again, not saying hospitals are bad. They just need to change their approach. A perfect example of this is the demolition of our state hospital in PA. This place is a fortress of buildings that was once a state institution for mentally ill or addicted people.

As crews tear down Allentown State Hospital, many gather to watch and remember its history | Lehigh Valley Regional News |

It was too expensive to run. That really drives it home how little we care about the mentally ill population.

Everyone bitches about the homeless yet these institutions, if run correctly, could stop that situation from happening. I came across an excerpt on Wikipedia about the Allentown State Hospital that is abhorrently false.

Excerpt: Due to the sharp decline in the need for psychiatric hospitals, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has closed the hospital.

Sharp decline in the need for…

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