Soul talks

Artist, a maestro of life.  

Hola people,

Nothing soothes the soul like portraying the feelings and thoughts to connect with you all. Recuperating from the pandemic crises and suffusing the skipped breaths are not possible but we can definitely add joy and happiness to the distorted lives of many.

And #blogchatterA2Z has provided this wonderful opportunity to enumerate the Maestroes of life.

Be more human, an artist by heart. ❤❤

I would like to dedicate my blog to all the artists under the firmament whose altruistic vision of life impacts the world.

To understand an artist you need a child's heart and an irrational mind.

Have you noticed yourself when you are in the close proximity of artists,  you feel the positive vibes of life? No matter the one who is in your fervour of taste or not, Yet he carries an aura of an enthusiastic life.
Caste, creed and…

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