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D for Dreams, Desire, Destiny and Dynamic way of expressing your thoughts. 

#BlogchatterA2Z Free Verse form of poetry became current in English poetry in 20 th Century.

Free Verse Poetry 
Called the verse libre of French during 19 th century is the modern form of poetry

Free verses are Poet’s friendly version of Poems. As you have all liberty to express your feelings without any restrictions of lines, rhythms or pattern.

Most of the beginners start their poetic journey from free verses. Rigidness in the structure of poetry may sometimes be a hindrance for some poets but adapting free verses form of poetry can be a boon.

Free verse is an open form that has no predetermined structure and prescribed length of poetry. The Liberty of writing with no frame allows you the flexibility so desired.

Layers of happiness

Her meek voice had a tinge of sourness,
Her weak body…

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