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Soul talks


26 Shades and 26 Strokes of An Artist ❤❤

Hear me more. Says your body. 
Your health can speak in many ways.
Disease is the annoy expressed by your body. Sometimes we ignore our body and mental health.

Today’s poetry form is Soliloquy.

A Soliloquy is a monologue in which a character speaks to himself or herself, expressing the inner feelings that the audience might not otherwise know. Soliloquy is not considered a poem, but witnessing them in most of the Shakespeare's plays can blend them into a poetry form. 

Soliloquy reveals the character of an individual. Popular soliloquy of Romeo Juliet play speaks her loud thoughts when she comes to know that Romeo, is the son of her family’s enemy.

At times every individual needs that liberty to speak his thoughts aloud. Feelings are vented out to unchain from the mental blockage.

A soliloquy or a monologue is…

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