The time … I yelled back at him

Ellie the Crunch

So today was pre op testing for my toddler, he needs to have a procedure next week and he needed a physical and a covid test. Darn it, we were able to avoid these damn covid tests till now but this time I had no way around it.

Anyway, husband didn’t read the memo in my calendar invite and thought surgery was actually today so he was pretty annoyed when he learned it wasn’t. Plus these hospitals allow only 1 parent to go in with the child and that parent is me, no matter what he says. So he felt I was using him as a chauffeur although I called him and told him to come in as they allowed him to be in the waiting room with us.


When we came home he decided to work from home today (omg).

I started cooking for Shabbat (a huge list…

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