Sins as Scarlet

Why do children never have a pencil when they need one? Every week at brass learners, I seem to
spend my time supplying the children, and sometimes the adults, with tissues and pencils. I usually
buy the pencils in bulk, the yellow ones in packets at the local supermarket. I was surprised to
learn that pencils used to be made in China, because the best graphite came from there. Pencil
manufacturers painted their pencils yellow, as it is the colour associated with Chinese royalty, to
prove they used the best graphite. Now, the yellow pencil seems very common, not Royal at all.
Pencils became popular, as, with a few rubs of the pink eraser your mistakes are wiped out. If you
make mistakes in your life, then in a matter of moments, when you turn to God and ask for
forgiveness, then your mistakes are erased in His eyes. Have you made mistakes? Have you
messed up? Take time today to turn to God and confess your mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.

Though your sins be as scarlet,
They shall be as white as snow

Ruth Malcolm.

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