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Self Care & Mental Health

Photo Credit: Free Photo Library

Good Morning:) Do you feel that? What?โ€ฆ Close your eyes.

Quiet the nonsense worry, in your mind. Youโ€™ll survive without itโ€™s anxiety and stress for a few minutes.

Close your eyes as you silence your mind. Youโ€™ll be ok not seeing that which relates to situations thatโ€™s caused you pain.

Breathe in deeply. You need the air flowing into your bloodstream. You need the expansion of your lungs. You need the lowering of your heart beat. You need the calm of right now.

As you focus on that, coupled with distance from inner conflict, wrap your arms around yourself. Feel the warmth on your chest. Notice the touch of safety, as your palms lay on your armsโ€ฆ Youโ€™re right now. Youโ€™re here.. and everything that can hurt you has been let go.

Youโ€™re living today, knowing that youโ€™re imperfect but capable of change. You feelโ€ฆ

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