The time … I will tell you about my day.

Ellie the Crunch

So today started wrong.

It’s Wednesday, recycle trash day.

I started putting all my boxes outside carefully hiding the 50 magazine that I was throwing out as we had another 50 in the living room. If husband saw them he would have brought them back in.

I was out in my PJs with a winter coat on top (mind you May mornings in NY feel like full winter) when I hear my husband roar my name.

He asked me to drive him to the station. I yelled back I had to change and will take him.

Time 3 1/2 seconds to change at least my pants as I don’t like to wear outside (car etc) what I wear to bed, and I was in the car.

And there it started.

“You have zero consideration”

“I am tired of not being respected”

And other angry words in the same lines.


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