The time … my toddler surprised me

Ellie the Crunch

Today, May 18th, was finally the first day or real warm weather in NY (don’t worry tomorrow it may snow).

So I decided to wear a shirt that used to be my mom’s.

My mom was a fashionista. She loved, adored clothing, bags and especially shoes. That’s probably why I don’t care much about any of those.

I gave away most of her clothes to people in need but I kept some stuff, mostly the clothes she was wearing the last few months before passing because that’s how I remember her.

Some clothes I kept for myself. My mom and I had 2 totally different styles. I am preppy and she was more extravagant. Maybe not exactly extravagant but she didn’t like the classic look, she liked to stand out, maybe not even that, she liked to have style. She looked great in whatever she wore and she had a…

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