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If you’re a parent to a preteen or teen in 2021 you know about Tik Tok. I downloaded the app to see what my daughter was watching and somehow ended up with a feed full of fake tarot readers, pseudo-spiritual workers and a bunch of zodiac hilarity. As a Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon with Leo rising I find all of it on point lol. If you find your feed full of these people you know there’s been a full flower blood sex magic moon or whatever with an eclipse in Sagittarius? I’ve been mystified by the mystical magical spiritual side of life, but I get way too confused when they start blabbering on about anything other than my zodiac. Besides, manifesting your crush to like you? Isn’t that manipulation? I’d feel like I just cast a love spell. It wouldn’t count.

I digress…

If you’ve heard of the goings on…

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