I Deserve The Heavens Not Limbo

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Update on the family emergency: my mother is going for tests to see why she had an abnormal mammogram. That’s in mid June so it’s been stressful around here. Trying to make her less stressed. Writing is a great way to destress so here we go…

I saw a meme the other day that said, “I deserve to be loved. Not liked. Not lusted after. Not settled for. But loved.”

In my years of dating and having relationships I’ve experienced all of those people. The Like People who will string you along in some non-committal limbo either because they don’t have the emotional maturity to end it or give into the risk of seeing where it may go. Or they just don’t really even like you like they think they do. It could be the thought of you liking them that makes them like you. Or they are too damaged…

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