If Only You Could See It

Don't Lose Hope

Your beauty is seen.

Your pure heart is known and loved.

You’re valued and cherished by way more people than you will ever know, or could even imagine.

If only you knew just how many other people have been touched and encouraged by your words and by your life, you would be astounded. You’d be utterly amazed.

How I wish you were aware of how many hearts you lighten. How much happiness you shed. The encouragement you bring.

How many talk about you. About how kind you are. Your gentleness and laughter. The way you understand …

You’d think they must be talking about someone else instead.

But the truth is you are precious. Way more precious than you think. Your life’s an inspiration. It’s the truth. Take it to heart.

You leave behind an imprint. You touch others’ lives for good.

You mean so much to others.

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