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My mother’s breast cancer was, successfully, removed on Wednesday. I’m not a religious person, but I do believe there’s a higher up that has our backs. Man, woman, non-entity, Alanis Morrisette… whatever, I’m grateful. I’ve been juggling even more lately. Been stressed. Used a lot of coping skills from the box.

I had my tarot done. Reader said I’m supposed to work in activism. Just as long as I’m not marching in the hot direct sunlight. I have been interested in doing more than this blog. Blogs seem so outdated. I want to get my voice out there about mental health. I have stories that I can’t write. Words fail me. When spoken aloud they flow. I want to fight this stigma. She got that part down. That is what I feel called to do. Traveling was in the cards. Traveling to end the stigma, get the word out… hell…

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