How it Feels to be an Influential Mental Health Campaigner

Cara's Corner

I want to start this off by saying how incredibly grateful I am to everybody who supports me on social media.

To everybody who reads my blog, follows my Twitter and Instagram and cheers me on, I owe you more than you can all imagine. Not only has having so much unconditional support been a really pivotal part of my recovery, but I have undoubtedly had some excellent opportunities arise from it.

It’s impossible to say if I would still have been part of as many media campaigns as I have been, or whether I’d be having a book published had I not got the presence I have, but I’m not naive to the fact that my social media following has probably contributed to these things. Equally though, I do work very hard and have put huge amounts of time and effort into campaigning, writing, public speaking etc, 99%…

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