5Things Tuesday: Favorite Feelings

I love this Nova!😂

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Salted Caramel hosts this weekly challenge. It’s quite unique. Here’s the details of this week’s post.

1. Faith: The tiniest morsal of “possibly” has the power to make any possible. It’s a light that has never burned out on me.

2. Laughing: Whether my own, a dry humor comedian, or that of a child… this feeling is food for my soul. I enjoy it for all that it is; for all that it can do.

3. Clarity: I don’t do well with confusion. I’ve learned that about myself. When something doesn’t make sense (don’t confuse this with unacceptance), I can’t feel peace. I don’t have closure. I don’t have an answer.

4. Frisky: One of my greatest gifts is my ability to feel everything so deeply. In my life, the moments when I can be a woman, engage in adult behavior, it feels amazing. Being Demisexual, I need that…

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