State of Grace

Hey Momma

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STATE OF GRACE It’s an enigma and a puzzle, it’s true, when casting the Rune; Sowelu. Complex, yet simple to understand, that the life force is at your command. God made you different from others, yet, he made us sisters and brothers. A place for everything, everything in place, seeking self discipline and the state of grace. There is an exact, law, order and action, smiling at chaos, with a note of satisfaction. God of the light, wholeness and pure power, the divine spark of the sun’s beauty, devour. Long since, searching and struggling to control, watching attentively; as heart wholeness evolves. The self realisation that you’re on the right path, is the pivotal message of this rune’s task. Do not stray, from your dreams and desires, appreciate your infinity, as vision transpires. Allowing the warmth of light, glow into your life, as you the ‘Spiritual…

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