When You Believe

Hey Momma

Image: Ben Hatke’s Lost Creatures Blog Tour – GeekDad

When You Believe They are born of earth, flame and bone, long since forgotten and sleeping alone. They weren’t the last to walk these paths, through other worlds, they’ve since passed. Scrambling through the cauldrons of hell, back to the place they are known to dwell. They’re messengers of balance and magic, how we’ve forgotten them is utterly tragic. Adored by the Welsh, their omens of good, seers of great wisdom, wherein they stood. Stand out magnificent, mammoth and mythic, in fighting for what is right, they are terrific. Their unquenchable flames of compassion, in virtues of empathy, truth and passion. It was a long time coming and they knew, that hidden in yourself is a dragon, or two. They light the sky with inferno of flames, the legends of Dragons will always remain. With fearless hearts, wisdom and charm, when…

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