Injury update and how Epilepsy helped my mindset.

Epilepsy Baller

Last time i wrote a post i was sitting in my hotel room thinking about the new season and the seizure i had in pre season. i decided to share that all and explain how i recovered. 24 hours after writing that post i was involved in a freak accident 30 minutes into the game and was forced off with a very painful injury. A player fell on my knee and hyper extended which forced me to leave the game early. A few days later after MRI Scan i find out it’s a grade 3 tear to my MCL. This is a major setback once again for me but mentally with having seizures i’m used to setbacks. 8 weeks on and being in a brace i feel having epilepsy has allowed me to mentally deal with a major injury like this, and put me in good stead for my return…

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