Hey Momma

Image: Anne Stokes. Once upon a time. Book of Light.

NEVER-ENDING-VERSE Come quiet. Come vigilant. Come true. Come alone, intuit what you should do. Do not make an effort. Do not stir a thought. Truth breathes wisdom, in Divinity of all. Open heart. unconscious mind. Listen to the mystical cues you find. Time is lost and not, as it has been. When co creating, with our *Awen*. Milking insights, of primal surrender. whisperings of Cambrian ancestors. It’s quite unbelievable and absurd. How many ignore their ‘writing’ words. There be a thread of quivering sound, slipping of knots, into stitches around. Scribbling sentiments like wild hunters, or lightening strikes, when it thunders. It’s a taste of brilliance, sewn in colours. Rainbows imposed on top of the other. Focus in contemplation. All you will; when Awen holds your magical quill. Weavers of Cymru indigenous tales. Blessed be, our Awenyddion of Wales. Victoria…

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